Plugins are a great way to enhance the natural power of WordPress. By developing plugins, you become part of a thriving community that brings much needed function and utility to hundred of thousands of WordPress sites everywhere. Whether you are a plugin expert, or just starting to understand the complexity and dynamic ability of plugins, these tools will help you create plugins that can become businesses! PhpStorm is a powerful IDE based on the famous open source Eclipse environment, and the perfect tool for LAMP web development. Its smart code editor is truly a treasure. It has amazing features that help you create neat and clean code. With PhpStorm you have full access to PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript editors, code auto-completion, code verification that analyzes code as you type, a visual debugger, and much more! PhpStorm is a great asset for WordPress plugin developers because it has a built in WordPress module that includes plugin skeletons, development environment configuration for WordPress, WordPress code style, Hooks support, and the ability to search on right from the editor itself! It is even cross-platform available for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. Here’s a great
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