Many companies today are known for their APIs. When Twitter launched its API, thousands of desktop apps, mobile apps, and clients built on top of it. Stripe focuses its business exclusively on making payments and subscriptions available to other businesses through its API. WordPress, the open source publishing software we use at Fusion, has a project to launch its own RESTful API – WP-API. As the project has progressed, it’s become a bit of an “everything to everyone” prospect. We’d like to take you through some ways we think WP-API will be a foundational, game-changing technology for us. 1. Content analytics The big two analytics tools, Omniture and Google Analytics, were built with e-commerce in mind. Publishers can use conversion funnels to understand how users are engaging with their sites, but it’s less than ideal. On the technology team, one of our missions is to ensure everyone at Fusion has access to the analytical data they need to form insights. Getting from here to there is a multi-step process: Collect the data. For Fusion, this is Google Analytics Premium and all of the metadata about our content stored in WordPress. Make the data easily query-able. The easier it is to
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