About a month ago I participated in the Prestige Conference in Las Vegas. It was a very memorable experience because I got to meet with businesses thought leaders in the WordPress ecosystem. I also had a blast hanging with guys like Andrew Munro / AffiliateWP, Kevin Gray / ApproveMe, Chris Klosowski / WPPush, Pippin Williams / EDD, Jeremy Green / Zeen101, and many other brilliant minds. Sharing our experience on different business topics, and learning from each other, was amazing. Thanks for being so open! One of the main panels that I was in, focused on the addressable market of WordPress. Questions like, “How big of an opportunity is WordPress?”, and “How much money can be made from the ecosystem?” were discussed in great length. WooCommerce is a great example of how a WordPress focused company can become a BIG and successful business. But is there room in the ecosystem for a billion dollar startup company besides Automattic? Is there room in the ecosystem for a billion dollar startup besides Automattic?Tweet This is a very important question to me, since I’m trying to convince investors that Freemius is going to be that company. Now that there have been changes to the WordPress.org
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