It’s been exactly one year since we rebranded Okay Themes to Array and relaunched as an independent theme shop. We’ve put in a ton of work over the past year, but it’s been incredibly rewarding laying the foundation for Array. We’ve gained thousands of new customers, answered every support question lobbed at us and crafted some really great themes along the way. We thought it would be interesting to share some of our experiences and experiments in the WordPress world during our first year of Array. The Team We both tackle support, but John handles the lions share of it. For part of 2014, we were happy to have George Gecewicz helping with support, but he has since moved on to new projects. We miss him and sometimes have a moment of silence in Slack in his honor. Customer Support The support workload has remained relatively low for the duration of our first year. We attribute this to the way we build our themes and the extensive testing we put them through before release. This cuts down on conflicts with other products, makes them easier to customize, and generally requires less technical questions to be answered. Anyone in the business of providing technical support knows this can quickly
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