When it comes to creating sites with user to user interaction it is important to keep users on your site and make sure they are engaged. High levels of user engagement and interaction are vital for the long-term success of a community site so it is important you do everything to encourage engagement and interaction amongst users. You want to make sure people are returning and spending time on your site. Email notifications are an effective way of getting people back to your site but once on your site you need a method for keeping users informed and engaged. This is where a notification system on your website can help. Online notification systems allow users to be alerted to actions that directly affect them in real-time. Without an online notification system users will find it much more difficult to keep track of their interactions. That is why many popular user based sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Medium etc provide a notification system. Real-time Notifications To ensure that your site’s users can effectively keep up with interactions we have created a real-time notification extension which alerts users on your site when an action occurs that is related to them. The extension works
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