If you follow WordPress topics on Quora, you may have noticed a popular question making the rounds regarding security. The question has been viewed more than 30,000 times: I am powering a bank’s website using WordPress. What security measures should I take? Ordinarily, such a question is a magnet for trollish responses and uninformed WordPress bashing. However, this time Quora users were delighted to find that Matt Mullenweg, co-creator of WordPress, dropped by to offer an answer to the question. Following a barrage of anti-WordPress remarks from other users, Mullenweg chimed in to clarify how WordPress can be used successfully in the banking industry. I agree there’s probably not a ton of benefit to having the online banking / billpay / etc portion of a bank’s website on WordPress, however there is no reason you couldn’t run the front-end and marketing side of the site on WordPress, and in fact you’d be leveraging WordPress’ strength as a content management platform that is flexible, customizable, and easy to update and maintain. He follows it up with two simple tips for keeping WordPress secure, including making sure the software is updated diligently, and using strong passwords for
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