I’m a fangirl. You know those people who dress up in Starfleet uniforms and get called ‘Captain’? Or the ones who go to comic cons and wait in line to get autographs? Or maybe you’ve met the ones who play pretend in the city streets, using Rock Paper Scissors to determine whose vampire is more bad-ass? Hi. That’s me. I like that crazy stuff. I like TV shows and fantasy and scifi and everything weird and trippy. I wrote (and still write) stories about everything from space adventures to murder mysteries to a short story about flying with wine. And I worked as an underfed minion for some friends in the dot-com days, making websites when you really did stuff to your meta tags and hide text at the bottom of the page so you could get HotBot and Lycos to pick you up as #1 about running shoes. But like all minions, I wanted money for hobbies, so I got a job as a tech consultant at a bank. Disclosure? I had no idea what I was doing. I bluffed my way through that interview (sorry, Charlotte) and guessed my whole first month. And I stayed there for about fifteen years because while the job was boring at best, I had enough money to do (mostly) what I wanted in my free time. And that was be a geek.
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