I have been writing about AngularJS and the WP-API for over a year now, and in that year the WP-API has flourished into an awesome feature plugin slated for core integration. When? No one really knows yet, but speculation is on it happening in 2015, which means one of the next 2 big releases (probably the latter of the two). As it has grown, more people are talking about it, and using it to do amazing things. From my modest CodeCavalry.com to some of the more unique and awesome uses like AppPresser which allows you to build iOS and Android apps from your WordPress site. However there is a lot of power you may not know about the WP-API, things you can do with it that are awesome to build new awesome things. What is extending? When should you extend the WP-API? Extending the WP-API can be done easily and there are many use cases for when it is needed. When I talk about extending I usually refer to adding in new custom routes and endpoints. A route is something like /posts which by default on an WordPress install with WP-API would return you a JSON object of all the posts in your site. Since it runs just like WP_Query, there are many filters and additions you can add, for example if you
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