Let me count the ways… I have been having a great time testing Brackets.io, the open source text editor by Adobe. Ever since switching from Espresso to Sublime Text, I have missed many of the preview features in Espresso…and then along comes Brackets. Extract for Brackets (preview) By far, this is my favorite feature and the one that makes it stand out from existing code editors. If you have a Creative Cloud account, your Creative Cloud Files folder is available in Brackets–which enables you to quickly extract the text properties, colors, dimensions, gradients, and more, and turn that into code within your CSS file. You can also extract image assets from the PSD file right within Brackets keeping you in one application for a more efficient workflow. Live Preview Live Preview enables you to make changes to a file and see them in the browser, similar to Live Reload. I am using a Grunt watch task here in order for the Sass to be compiled, which is why there is a lag. If I was coding straight HTML/CSS it would show up instantly. Helpful Extensions There are so many amazing extensions already available to make Brackets even better. Below, I’ve included a list of the ones I have installed:
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