Since WordPress introduced native support for navigation menus in version 3.0, we can find them on almost every website. Undoubtedly they are popular, intuitive and easy to use for most of your website visitors. But at the same time a mouse-hover dropdown navigation menu anticipates that your visitors will sit in front of the screen and use a specific input device to interact with your site: a mouse. Unplug the mouse (or disable your trackpad if that's how you control it) and the second most vital part of every website (after the actual content) vanishes. We can do better than that! This article will explain a small but important step making your WordPress site a better place for all people with minimal effort. We will take a look at how to expand the behavior and make dropdown navigation in your WordPress site richer in terms of usability and independent of the specific input devices your visitors tend to use. The term browser in this article is used more broadly than you might have realized so far. In addition to the major desktop browsers you know already, think about screen readers or any other device capable of reading a HTML document. WAI-ARIA WAI-ARIA is an abbreviation for the
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