During yesterday’s team meeting, we made what we knew would be a controversial decision about theme settings. This post will go into more details about this decision and how we plan to move forward. The new guideline In a nutshell: Themes are now required to utilize the Customizer API if the theme has custom theme settings. This means no custom settings screens. Generally, new guidelines go into effect immediately. This is to avoid confusion over which guidelines are in effect and which are not. However, that’s not the case this time around because we feel that this is a unique situation. Only new themes (submitted since the announcement yesterday) fall under this guideline right now. Then, 6 months from yesterday, all existing themes submitted to the repository fall under this guideline. So, mark your calendars for October 21, 2015. To be clear, we will not be suspending existing themes or anything like that. What will happen is that when you next make a theme update (after the 6-month cutoff), your theme will need to follow the guideline. The new guideline is also reflected in the handbook required section. Why now? First, I want to say that the team did not take this decision lightly
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