One of the major features in WordPress 4.2 was emoji support. The inclusion of emoji did not go down well with everyone. Here are some sample Twitter responses: "Emoji support in WordPress core is the stupidest thing ever." “improved emoji support”. WordPress 4.2 sounds scintillating." "Why do I feel like the upcoming WordPress emoji feature is a little 1999. Really guys?" Even the WordPress 4.2 intro video doesn't seem to take emoji very seriously. The emoji section starts around the 1.30 minute mark: "Tell the world about your love for ice cream, kittens, or even jazz. All without using a single word." Emoji makes WordPress more mobile-friendly Before you go and jump on the emoji-hate bandwagon, stop and think for a minute. How often do you use emoji on your phone? Several times a day, probably. Now think about how often you use emoji on your desktop? Almost never. That's no accident. Emoji were invented for Japanese mobile phones in 1998. They didn't arrive on PCs until Windows 7 in 2009 and on Mac computers until 2010. The WordPress Codex article on emoji reflects these priorities, talking about mobile first and foremost. Adding emoji to WordPress is about the mobile experience.
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