Beyond being one of the founders of Nelio, I’ve been working as a researcher in software engineering (currently leading the AtlanMod research team, though this is going to change soon) for the last 13 years. As such I’ve submitted over 200 research proposals, or “papers” as we call them, to get my work accepted in the conferences and journals in my area (curious about what I do research on? read about it). Some of them have been accepted, some have not. It’s worth noting that many of those accepted were not accepted in the first attempt but after improving and resubmitting them. When I started submitting proposals to WordPress-related events I was expecting to go through a similar process to the one I knew from research conferences. Well, that’s not the case. And it disappointed me. The selection process for speakers in WordCamps is anything but open The research community is strongly pushing publishers to switch to an open access (unrestricted online access to published works) mode as part of a much bigger push for open science (initiative to make all aspects of scientific research accessible to everybody, not just completed and accepted research results), though unfortunately we are
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