Google has finally given an exact date to separate mobile from HTML search. On April 21, 2015, search will be forever changed! At that time, only true mobile sites will come up in mobile search. HTML search will show only HTML. What does this mean? It means that anyone searching from a MOBILE device will only be able to see mobile websites. Google has clarified that for “search” criteria, mobile specifically means phone, not tablet. Since in EVERY CATEGORY, mobile search accounts for a MINIMUM of 55% of searches, your business could potentially LOSE or GAIN 55% more clients. ( Be aware, most categories have a much higher mobile search rate, up to 98% in A LOT of categories, most are closer to 80%). Can you afford to lose this much? Can your business friends? Do an audit of your own site to make sure that’s mobile-friendly! What Is the “Google Mobile-Friendly” Algorithm? In this new algorithm Google defines “mobile” as smartphone devices only and does not include: Tablets, which Google considers a different class of device Multimedia phones, which are mid-grade phones with HTML5-compatible browsers, but don’t support all features Feature phones, which are low-end phones that have web
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