Create a new Tag Enter Tag Name “Universal Analytics” Select Tag Type “Universal Analytics” Click on the select macro icon to the right of the Tracking ID field, scroll to the bottom and then select “New macro…” Enter Macro Name “Tracking ID” Select Macro Type “Constant String” and for Value Enter your website’s Google Analytics Universal Analytics ID in the Value field (i.e. UA-61808155-1) and click the “Save” button Click “+Add” firing rule Check the check box for “All Pages” to fire your Universal Analytics tag on all pages of your website and click the “Save” button Verify that your settings match the following screenshot and click the “Save” button Click the “Publish” button and then the “Create Version and Publish” button to activate your Universal Analytics tracking tag Login to your website’s Google Analytics account and view the Real-Time > Overview report, then navigate your website to verify the tracking is working properly. If you have set it up correctly you should see your activity displayed in the Real-Time > Overview report. If you have filtered out your IP address from recording your activity in Google Analytics (which you should) you can use Tor (or better yet a private
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