Plugins such as WooCommerce and Ninja Forms have a lot of extensions available to add functionality and each extension is usually a separate plugin. Depending on the functionality you need, extensions can add several additional plugins to the plugin management page in the backend of WordPress. Plugin Groups is a free new plugin by CalderaWP that adds the ability to organize plugins by groups for easy filtering. For example, you can create a group called e-Commerce and add all plugins dealing with e-Commerce to the group. When you browse to the Plugins page, you’ll see a new filter at the top called e-Commerce. Clicking on it will display only the plugins within that group. You can organize groups by clicking on a group’s name and dragging it up or down. One thing I noticed is that clicking the save button doesn’t appear to do anything, even though it saves the configuration. I recommend displaying a visual notification that tells me I clicked the save button and the configuration saved successfully. I tested the plugin on WordPress 4.2 and it works as advertised. Plugin Groups is a nice way to organize and access plugins based on functionality. Plugin Groups should definitely come in
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