Chelsey Member Posted 4 days ago # Original Review: I was hoping that by removing titles and excerpts and only showing the images, I could make this look like a grid. Not what I was looking for at all. EDITED REVIEW: My original review was 3 stars, but I've changed it to 5 for two reasons: 1) Ajay was incredibly helpful in showing me how to alter the CSS so this plugin would show up as a grid and 2) it worked! :P So now the plugin does exactly what I need it to do, which was to replace the Top Posts feature of Jetpack. I definitely recommend this as a lighter substitute. Ajay Member Plugin Author Posted 3 days ago # Chelsey, The plugin doesn't come with an inbuilt grid style. Note that you have complete flexibility to customize the display as you might choose. I've been trying to get a grid style to work. Please check out the code below that you can add to your site. It works with Twenty 15 theme. Chelsey Member Thanks for the response, Ajay! I use the Sugar & Spice theme, do you think this will work with that? Ajay Member Plugin Author Posted 3 days ago # Chelsey, The only option is to test it and see. If you'd like to give this is a shot, please add it to your theme. I can look at
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