Visually appealing websites and pages have the tendency to grab users attention. Most Web Marketing experts suggest that using related images to convey messages provides a better chance of user engagement. Having images paired up with your headlines and text can improve the CTR and visitor flow on your website. WordPress is used to build all sorts of websites, from blogs to ecommerce stores and forums to business websites, and there are many themes available to suit your needs. But if you are using a theme that doesn’t support the functionality to add a “Featured Image”, then adding support for it will prove useful. In most themes, the featured image option is already enabled. However, if you are unable to see the featured image option while creating a post, then you would need to enable it first. To enable the support for featured image, you need to add just a single line of code to your functions.php file in your WordPress theme folder. You can access the folder through an FTP client like FileZilla. Now, connect to your web server with FileZilla and navigate to content > themes > (your theme) and find functions.php. Open the functions.php with a file editor like Notepad++ and add
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