In these days, if you use beautiful and attractive images on your website, perhaps some people will steal these images and use them without your permission, which is annoying. To fix this issue, you can add watermark with brand names to your images. Therefore, we make this article for some beginners who don’t know much about such basic skill. As WordPress is highly flexible with numerous plugins, we focus on discussing how to add watermark on images in WordPress automatically by using a plugin named Easy Watermark. Installing Easy Watermark Plugin The first step you need to take is to install the WordPress plugin. Just like many other plugins’ installation, you have to visit the dashboard of your WordPress admin and then click the “Add New” button under Plugin part. Entering the keywords “Easy Watermark” into the search box, the page in below will come out. Managing Key Easy Watermark Settings After activation, you can find that the plugin is presented in your Setting menu. There are three tabs on Easy Watermark Settings page, including General, Image and Text. General Settings For the first tab, you can choose “Auto Watermark” which can automatically add watermark when you upload images.
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