Just bought the perfect domain name? That’s great; now it’s time for the hard work to start: designing a logo, building your website, crafting content. Before all that, though, you have a few important decisions to make – I make these decisions straight away on every fresh WordPress install. Now, we’ve already discussed the importance of choosing your websites permalink structure from the start – it’s less important which permalink structure you choose; the important thing is you stick with it. Another important consideration is your website’s URL. More specifically, should you go with a www or a non-www URL? Today I want to show you how to configure your URL correctly in WordPress. WWW or Non-WWW You know what? Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. The success of your website will not be determined by a www or non-www URL. The important thing is that whichever one you choose initially, you stick with it – we’ll get to why soon. At Pagely, we go for a non-www URL, pagely.com – sometimes referred to as a naked domain. However, visitors that type in the www – www.pagely.com – will still find our website without problem. In fact, try that out and see what happens:
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