Bespoke User Roles- Creating them for 100% WordPress Website Uptime Availability of different user roles is perhaps one of the most stunning features of WordPress which has helped the CMS in standing out from the crowd. Holding a specific amount of significance in ensuring the uptime of your website, user roles can be created easily. In this post, I’ll be looking at what user roles in WordPress mean and how you can proceed ahead with creating custom user roles in a convenient way. Understanding User Roles in WordPress WordPress comes equipped with six default user roles as explained below: Administrator- this is the user who has access to all the administrative features and function within the site Editor- this is the person who has the freedom of managing and publishing posts belonging to different user, including his/her own Author- this is the person who can easily publish and manage his/her posts Contributor- this is the person who is offered the freedom of writing and managing his/her posts but can’t publish the same at his/her will Subscriber- this is someone who can just manage his/her profile What’s the need for creating custom user roles in WordPress? Well, a lot of website
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