Leave a Comment Deciding what get’s released as a paid add-on and what get’s rolled right into the free core plugin may be one of the most challenging things in your add-on business’s success. There are a number of different views on this topic but the two most common are as follows. The 80/20 Principle People who promote this principle generally say that if 80 percent of the user base would use a feature than it should be a part of the core plugin. On one level this makes complete sense. If you want your core plugin to have a wider adoption it stands to reason you would put in all the features that a majority of users would need. Sell Everything This concept is also pretty straightforward. Keep your core free plugin light and lean. Anything beyond that should be a paid add-on. This always backfires in my opinion but I understand it’s allure. When it comes right down to it there is no easy formula for this. There is a lot of gut instinct involved and a lot of chance taking. What goes into your free core plugin and what should be sold as an add-on is a challenging part of the business. So far I’ve been pretty successful at it. Let me share some of the questions I ask when trying to make
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