One fine morning, you wake up, brew some coffee, and sit at your workstation. You fine-tune your laptop, open up your browser, and enter your website’s URL. Shockingly, you encounter a blank page! No matter how many times you refresh, you’re unable to access the website. You’re only furnished with the following curt message: You’re only furnished with the following curt message: “Error establishing a database connection” For each minute that your website is down, you’re losing the chance to generate leads, have conversions, and enjoy sales. The gravity of the situation is serious, but don’t panic! Keep reading this guide to understand this error, and learn methods to fix it. First, let’s examine what this error message actually means. Under the hood Your database uses a language called MySQL. Your website is reliant on a server side language called PHP. Whenever your website URL is entered into the browser, WordPress uses PHP to retrieve all the information pertaining to the page from the database and sends it to the visitor’s browser. The database connection error you tend to experience is because this MySQL-PHP connection is severed for some reason, which we must investigate. Any
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