So after recently going through a migration from HTTP to HTTPS I wasn’t happy with the documentation and tutorials I found online so I decided to write my own. If you miss one thing, such as moving over your disavow file it can be disastrous. This tutorial does assume you are using WordPress, but most of it is applicable for any platform. Choosing a SSL Certificate First you will need to decide if you need a single, multi-domain (use on more than one domain), or wildcard certificate (use on unlimited subdomains). Google recommends using a 2048-bit key certificate or higher. I highly recommend getting a EV SSL certificate. It is more expensive, but you get the green bar in your address bar which could help build assurance that things are secure on your site. But there are also certs that will work for as low as $9 a year. I won’t be going over the installation of the cert here. I would just recommend having your host do it for you if you don’t know how. HTTP to HTTPS Checklist Now to get down to business! Some of these might not be applicable for you, but I wanted to be thorough. Step 1 – Turn off CDN The very first thing to do is disable/turn off your CDN if you are running one. I am
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