Do you want to see what your authors or editors are doing inside the WordPress dashboard? If you are running a multiple author blog, or if your blog admin area is accessed by multiple users, you might like to monitor user activities as a safeguard measure. Monitoring activities inside your dashboard is especially critical when you hire a one-time freelancer to work on your blog. To date I have used two different plugins to check user activities inside my WordPress dashboard. The most recent plugin I have used for this purpose is the WP Security Audit Log plugin, which offers detailed information such as: Who logged in to your WordPress dashboard What actions users are taking (Ex: uploading images, editing posts) What action your system is taking Failed logins and much more You can download and install the plugin right now from the official page here. Or you can finish reading this quick review, and learn everything you need to know about this awesome plugin for monitoring user activity. WP Security Audit Log plugin: monitor WordPress user activities This is a plug-and-play plugin, and once you have installed the plugin, it will start creating a log of all the actions inside your WordPress
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