We have all been there. You have written a long-form, value-packed blog post on Google Docs and are ready to publish it on your WordPress blog. But before anything, you are required to go through the menial process – consisting of several steps including uploading, adding images to the content one after the other, adding links, re-formatting the content and what not – before the post even goes live. Almost every blogger follows the same rhetoric process – for every single blog post – this can often be very time consuming. In fact, being a devoted Google Docs and WordPress user, I have done it too. I have also spent countless hours fixing the content formatting issues before a post goes live. BUT, not anymore. Enter Publish to WordPress. What is Publish to WordPress? Publish to WordPress is a simple yet powerful (and free) Google Docs add-on that allows users to publish content to their WordPress site – from right within Google Docs Interface. This tool was created by the team at Plugmatter (disclaimer: I am part of the Plugmatter team). In order to publish blog posts, users do not even have to login to their WordPress site explicitly every time. And, the cool part – perhaps, the most
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