As a Content Management System, WordPress makes the process of managing and updating your website’s content pretty smooth. It certainly beats creating a static site or using a cheap website builder, and is designed to help you keep your site up to date and reach out to an audience. But there are systems you can put in place and plugins you can use which will make the process of creating, publishing and sharing content much easier, and help you reach out to your community of readers. In this post I’ll look at the main aspects of content management with WordPress and give you some tips to make it easier. I’ll cover: Publishing regularly – which you need to do if you want search engines to find you, and attract an audience which returns regularly. Sharing content – to gain traction with your audience, you need to share content outside your site and encourage others to share it, too. Managing subscribers and comments – if readers are engaging with your content, you need to respond! I’ll give some tips to help you manage engagement without it taking over your life. Publishing to Your Site Regularly You’ve made the first big step towards being able to effectively manage your site content:
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