The Plugin Repository is the canonical location to find plugins for WordPress. There are many good reasons to add your plugin to this repository–the primary being that the built-in “Add New Plugin” search capabilities are linked directly to the repository. If your plugin is not in the repository, it will not be easily found by the majority of users, and with WordPress powering over 23% of the internet, you will be missing out on a large audience of potential users. Below, I provide an overview of the Plugin Repository, how you can start leveraging it with your own plugins, and, as a result, dramatically increase the potential reach of your audience. What to know before you submit has some guidelines on what can and cannot be in a plugin to get it approved. As long as those guidelines are followed plugins are typically approved withing a few days. All plugins must have a license compatible with the GNU General Public License v2 (GPLv2) or a later version. If a plugin does not include a specific license, it will automatically fall under the parent project GPL license. If third-party libraries are included in the plugin
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