Creating SEO-friendly permalinks for your WordPress site is one of the most important steps in the larger process of search engine optimization. WordPress makes creating SEO-friendly permalinks for posts in your blog fairly easy, though the system could be more intuitive. Of course, WordPress lets you add any number of custom post types. That’s where its real power as a content management system lies. But the more customized your site is, the trickier creating multiple, seo-friendly permalink structures gets. In this post I will start by showing you how to use WordPress’s built-in tools to make SEO-friendly permalinks for your blog posts. Then I will show you how to do the same for any post type, all without writing a line of code. SEO-friendly permalinks for blog posts The established standard, which works well for SEO and making your site easy to navigate, is using a “/category/post-slug” format for your URLs. For example, if the post with the slug “fall-events” is in the category “news” it’s URL should be “/news/fall-events”. For blog posts this is something that is a fairly easy to accomplish via WordPress’ permalink settings. In the permalink settings you can use a custom structure
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