One of the biggest problems inside of WP Dude is managing projects and people across multiple time zones. In this post I was to tell you about the systems we have put in place and how we manage projects across timezones. The Issue We have clients from every continent except Antarctica, but the majority of our work comes from the US. I’m based in the UK and I have developers in the UK and the Philippines. Often there is only a small online overlap between me, my clients. My developers in south east Asia are clocking off just as I come online in the morning. As a result there can be prolonged periods of quiet time when emails are not answered or answers to questions cannot be obtained. Too Many Dropped Balls As we have become busier, more and more projects were being juggled and we began to metaphorically drop the balls. Projects schedules were missed. Quotes were not sent out. Clients were not updated on progress of the projects. This will only get worse as our business grows even more so we needed a solution. The System We have a system for managing all our projects across timezones and making sure you the end client knows exactly where we are with your project. 1. The Request The first
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