Today it’s our pleasure to introduce an interview with another eminent WordPress expert – Ahsan Parwez, WordPress Geek, Search Engine Optimizer and Marketer. Enjoy this inspirational interview and feel free to join the discussion by leaving your question in the comments section. Lots of thanks for your agreeing to the interview, Ahsan. For those who probably don’t know you yet – can you shortly introduce yourself and provide us with some facts about yourself? The more unknown – the better… Well I am a kind of person fascinated by the world of computers and the internet. As I grew up I started to spend more time on computers often playing video games and reading about new gadgets. Browsing through websites, I thought about making my own website about computer hardware and video games. First off I started building websites with HTML and CSS, I self learned it from a second hand book that I purchased from a roadside vendor. I started my professional career as an SEO working for an online clothing store, there I was tasked with building a blog network for the company and reach out to our target audience. During my search I discoverd and that I was instantly amazed by its easy
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