Website speed optimization can be a complex and technical practice, but the non-techies out there will be happy to learn that one of the biggest problems is actually easy for the layperson to solve. The Problem With Images Images are typically the one of the biggest drains on page load time. Even with caching and a CDN, an unoptimized image will still drag down your page loading time. But, as the website owner, images are completely under your control, so if you can get a handle on how to work with and optimize images, you can have a great impact on the speed of your site. Based on the websites that I look at during my WP Rocket customer support duties, I see that images contribute, on average, about 30% of the total page load time. Often this is the single largest factor of the loading time. In extreme cases, it could be closer to 60% of the loading time. Here’s an example of what un-optimized images will do to your site: The load time is 12 seconds and the size of the page is 8MB. Of those 8MB, images account for 6.7MB. This is out of control! The number of http requests is commonly cited as a factor in load time, and while it is important, ultimately it’s the page size that is the
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