From bloggers to developers, WordPress community has grown by manifolds over the past few months. It is not only because people are making their lives with WordPress, but the community loves to giveback to the industry. For many, WordPress has become more than just a job. This attitude shows the passionate side of WordPress. Recently, I interviewed the inspiring and charming founder of, Tomaž Zaman. With his hard work and dedication, Codeable has become a highly growing online service provider. In this interview, Tomaž shares the vision behind his project, and the incredible journey of establishing one of the most trusted WordPress startups, Codeable. If you are thinking to start your own WordPress-based venture, I think this interview is a great resource for you. Cloudways: You have been providing services to small businesses, agencies, bloggers, and experts of WordPress. From a freelancer to the co-founder of a renowned company, how do you define the journey? What challenges did you face during these years? Tomaž Zaman: You could say I discovered the wonderful world of web development by coincidence. I was an avid gamer throughout my adolescent years (Counter-Strike, anyone?)
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