I’ve been quite busy this week preparing multiple plugins for an eventual release on WordPress.org. Now, after the projects have been approved, I wanna introduce you to the WordPress Admin Menu Manager. A Better User Experience At required+ we strive to create a great user experience. We thought about how we could improve the WordPress admin, hence the release of plugins like Simple User Adding and WP Widget Disable. This is our take on a simple, lightweight and unobtrusive WordPress admin menu manager. It works like a charm and doesn’t get in your way. But the best part is: It doesn’t even require yet another ugly settings page. So if you want a custom tailored admin menu for you or your clients, this plugin is perfect. Besides that, it works great to get Jetpack out of the way. To modify the admin menu, click on the edit button, rearrange some entries and click save. It can’t get any simpler than tat. Check out this quick demo video of the plugin in action, which I recorded during the development process: New Features Coming Soon With version 1.0 of the plugin, you can drag menu items anywhere you want, even from the top level to a sub menu item and vice-versa. The next version, however,
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