Derek Herman has been chiefly responsible for building and managing Envato's WordPress-based publications for many years, including Tuts+, AppStorm, and FreelanceSwitch, and recently Market Blog and Studio Blog, collectively serving up WP goodness to up to ten million visits a month. We recently asked him to contribute to the WordPress Core on behalf of Envato and to share the experience. For roughly a decade, I've been developing custom WordPress themes and plugins, and the majority of that time has been dedicated to one Envato project or another. Although I enjoy developing and ultimately overcoming the unique inherent challenges of complex custom WordPress themes, shifting my focus towards the WordPress Core for the first time was truly a refreshing and humbling experience. Developing for the Core felt a lot like the early days at Envato as a junior developer and I was having to learn new skills almost daily. At the time, I was still pretty new to development and had predominantly focused on design. I worked mainly as a print and UI designer, that occasionally dabbled in building web sites. I learned HTML & CSS some years before my journey with Envato began, and that was only out
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