The trend of WordCamps creating their own custom wapuu design is starting to catch momentum. The GPL-licensed creature originated in Japan and variations have been used to personalize branding for Japanese meetups and WordCamps for years. Last week we featured WordCamp London’s custom wapuu design, which is fondly dubbed “Wapuunk.” That same weekend WordCamp Philly organizers previewed their Philadelphia-inspired collection of designs for the creature on Twitter, including a Rocky wapuu. WordCamp Belgrade is coming up the weekend of April 18-19, and the organizers have a special variation of wapuu planned. They are calling the Serbian version “Wapuujlo.” “It has a traditional Serbian hat and it’s holding a plum, as plums are Serbia’s national emblem,” co-organizer Milan Ivanovi? told the Tavern. The team plans to present Wapuujlo as the official mascot of the event and will be printing stickers. Nemanja Aleksi?, a volunteer for the WordCamp, is credited with the design. Aleksi? is a growth researcher and analyst at ManageWP by day but also has a passion for design. Despite having worked with WordPress for a few years, his first contact with the community was at WordCamp Europe 2014.
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