The first time I came across the internet was back in 1995 when an uncle showed how he sent to email to connect with his sons who were studying in the US. In those days, the PC was not a common place in India. Internet was via dial up and expensive. About 5 years later, I started on a Geocities like many others. I created a website, and tried to write content. But the free account allowed creating only 5 pages – later it was 5 MB I think. I used to enjoy writing some thoughts, like a diary of things I was learning or trying to understand. Somewhere down the line I forgot all about Geocities and writing for that matter. It then started with a boring job. I was working in tech support but my job essentially had be in a cubicle for 9-10 hours. Frustration with the kind of work I was doing and total lack of any real enjoyment from my work led me to start writing down short stories and ideas. The charachters in my short stories (while many of these remain unpublished and even incomplete) lived brilliant lives, interesting lives. It was basically an escape for me from my mundane life. I first used MS Word to just write down things for myself. I then saw someone mention blogspot. I chose blogspot
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