Have you recently bumped into a blog with a big notification bar at the top of the page? As a blogger these notification bars are very useful for increasing conversion, driving traffic to a specific page, or even to increase affiliate sales! HelloBar is one of the more popular lead generation tools available, and it allows you to add these eye-catching notification bars to the top of a webpage. I have been using this tool myself for about eight months now, and it has never disappointed me. HelloBar is one easy-to-use online service that you can use with WordPress or any other platform you choose. In this guide I will be sharing my experience and review of HelloBar. This guide will also serve as your DIY tutorial, allowing you to get started using HelloBar right away! HelloBar: The Fastest Way To Generate Leads Or Clicks HelloBar lets you add a full-width bar at the top of your blog which can be used for driving traffic to your squeeze pages, resource pages or a particular blog post. You can also use HelloBar to drive traffic to your affiliate links, capture emails and much more. Think of HelloBar as a tool to drive your existing traffic to any page of your choice. In the screenshot
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