If you go to a WordCamp and spend anytime around developers, it is hard to not notice the excitement around the new WordPress REST API. The REST API team just released version 1.2 of the plugin, which they are continuously developing with the goal of merging it into WordPress core. It’s a big project, much bigger than Ryan McCue—who, along with Rachel Baker, leads the project—ever thought it would be. I recently spoke with Ryan about the challenges of such a huge project and about the complexities in creating a “universal API” for every WordPress site, as well as the plans for the core merge. Version 1.2 and Backwards Compatibility Version 1.2 of the plugin is the last planned major release of the REST API as a plugin. The team is now focused on version 2. Since the release of version 1, Ryan has been committed to supporting it and ensuring backwards compatibility—something that he and the REST API team are still committed to. Version 2, the code that will merge into WordPress core, will not be fully backwards compatible with version 1, however, the plugin will continue on as a backwards-compatibility layer. That way anything developed using the plugin version, as long as the plugin
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