I’ve been thinking about a scenario brought to light over on the Envato Market which suggests one of the top selling themes may be involved in bulk purchasing licenses to their own theme. Bulk purchasing on the Envato Market isn’t particularly unusual especially for files that haven’t adopted the GPL license. The default Envato Split License only allows for a file to be installed on a single instance so, if a theme or plugin isn’t GPL, the license will need to be purchased multiple times if a user wants to use it multiple times. The Envato Market Membership terms [ Section 25b ] outline that authors aren’t to purchase their own files but the fact of the matter is that the number of sales a file has directly impacts the popularity of that file (e.g. sales) so it’s hard not to think about ways to bend the rules, right? I believe the current situation directly relates. Allow me to divulge in my own theory about how this theme has managed thousands of overnight purchases and the reason behind it: Thousands of copies of the theme have been purchased as a “give away” to each person who signs up for a webinar. The purpose of the webinar? Teaching people how to use the theme, of course. The
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