Ofttimes when building for WordPress I find myself in a situation which requires me to move a ton of content from a clients old site to a new one. If I’m lucky (relatively speaking) it’s built on another CMS such as Drupal or Joomla which I can export content from pretty easily, but most times it’s a crappy site built using plain HTML and Microsoft Frontpage *shudder*, and it only has 4-5 pages of simple content. If I’m super lucky it has hundreds of pages rather than a few, that’s when things get fun. If you’ve ever been the victim of the busy work known as “content-moving” fear no more, Python is here to save the day! Warning: I am nowhere close to a good Python developer, I use it mostly on the off chance I need scraping done or other small tasks. The code displayed here will probably make a good Python developer scream in agony, so be aware this is not meant to be good code, just code that gets the job done. Ye have been warned. 1. Analyzing The Site Finding Patterns The first and most important thing you need to do is understand the site you need content from. More specifically we need to know in what way the pages are linked together and the relationship those links have. For
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