Every book should have a beautiful online presentation. The rationale is simple, good esthetics means increased conversions. It might also mean social media traffic since well-designed websites are shared. There are quite a few ways to craft book presentations. Today we want to introduce you to Qards – an intuitive user-friendly visual editor for WordPress. Qards wants to help you become a visual storyteller. Increase Conversions and Shares by Presenting Books with Qards Thanks to its pre-designed cards (blocks), this WordPress tool will let you build modern websites fast. Before we show you how to build a book presentation with Qards, let’s overview its core features and advantages: Easy to install in WordPress; Ready to use by people with limited or no technical skills thanks to its Drag and Drop Builder; Clean and friendly interface and highly optimized for performance; The ability to choose from many pre-design cards or blocks (Text, Grid, Cover, Feature, Menu, Footer etc. and mix them; Drag and drop images and easily change their color, position and many more; Quickly add video backgrounds and choose their starting as well as ending point; Compatible with major cache plugins such
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