Leave a Comment I get a great deal of questions on how to be successful with the “freemium + add-ons” business model. I suppose the word has started to get out that Ninja Forms is doing really, really well and they want to know how we did it. The truth is we’re still doing it and we’re not even close to done. You learn quickly that in business things can change quickly. This means you have to be constantly reviewing what is and isn’t working as well as watching trends coming down the road. All that being said, while success is relative, I have decided to write a series of posts about how we’ve made the add-on model work for us. Before we get into that let me share a little story. Ideas can come from unusual places Nineteen years ago I got my first job in sales. I answered an add in my local paper that promised unlimited growth potential and of course lots of money. I was twenty years old and was looking to expand my horizons and was ready to try something new. The add didn’t really say much about the position. It only promised the lifestyle it would provide and I didn’t have anything to loose so I answered the call and headed to my first day of orientation. Orientation was a day filled
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