Ever since I posted an article on how to use Twitter to determine your brand strength I wanted to do this experiment – finding the most influential WordPress brand! Methodology If you can’t be bothered to read the article, the basic premise is this: if your brand uses Twitter, and you follow people who are relevant to your product/market/brand, then the percentage of the people who follow you back is a simple but very effective measure of your brand strength. For example, if I sell blue widgets and follow 100 important people in the blue widget market, and 40 of those follow me back, my current brand strength (reach, influence if you will) would be 40%. Reaching 100% would be ideal but very hard to accomplish if you are truly honest about following only the influencers in your market. It took me a couple of weeks to build the app, and I couldn’t wait to share the results! Because WordPress market is broad – there are themes and plugins, hosting services, and all kinds of businesses going on – I decided to focus the experiment on companies selling products. Also I made sure that these Twitter accounts have been thoughtfully created with the intention to follow relevant people to that
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