When we adopted the WP Smush.it plugin in March 2013 we figured we’d just improve it and offer better support. Boy, were we wrong. But then, just a few weeks ago the free plugin stopped working! It seems that Yahoo had basically silently gotten rid of the service, and that still seems the case (an announcement of some sorts would have been nice guys :/). So we figured… well, why not take over where Yahoo has left off, brand new API, brand new cloud config, brand new improved smushing, introducing… The All New WP Smush Probably the biggest complaint of the old smush.it plugin (we’ve removed the .it, we’re just smushing) was that it kept on timing out and falling over as it basically wasn’t properly resourced or maintained by Yahoo. No more! 3.2 million images smushed in the first 24 hours, that’s a saving of 13GB… This new plugin has been redesigned from the ground up with a sleek new API and will be improved and maintained the same way we do with all WPMU DEV products. Probably the second biggest complaint was that it didn’t work over https. Now it does :) Just install and activate the plugin and it’ll automatically and reliably smush every image you upload (up to 1MB, just like before),
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