All websites serve a purpose. For instance, some sell a product, others offer a service, and others share news and stories. Clearly, some websites are better than others in serving their purpose. Split Testing (or A/B Testing) is a simple way to test changes on the current design or content of a website and determine which changes produce better results. Just take a look at our explanation and video of what A/B Testing is to learn a little bit more about Conversion Rate Optimization! Almost one year ago, Jean reviewed Nelio A/B Testing, our native A/B Testing solution for WordPress. During the past year we’ve been working very hard to integrate new features and create the most complete and powerful split testing plugin available. Today, I’d like to briefly present Nelio and discuss two of its main new features: Widget Testing and Menu Testing. What Is Nelio A/B Testing and Why Should You Care? Nelio A/B Testing is a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) service specifically designed for WordPress. With Nelio, you will be able to test everything from within your WordPress dashboard — there is no need to leave WordPress and learn a new platform for creating and running your tests. Example
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