When blogging started to gather steam a decade ago, you had (and still have) three ways of receiving comments. The first still which still holds to today are traditional style commenting done by a person reading your article. Then came the bots and the comment spam which has today become a more manageable issue given several free and paid services available to a blog owner. However, even now, you will see tonnes of spam hits on very old posts, many of which don’t call for a comment! Two more methods of collecting comments was through trackbacks and pingbacks. Both trackbacks and pingbacks had a similar concept of notifying a linked blog post that you’ve linked to them. In return the linked blog post would display a link to your post i.e. back link. However, if you have a back link you have the scope for spam and pretty soon trackbacks and pingbacks became the best way to automating spam requests. As a result, many blog owners (including us) have chosen to disable these completely. Disable Trackbacks and Pingbacks The fastest way to disable these is to visit your Discussion Settings in your WordPress blog and uncheck “Allow link notifications from other blogs”. This will permanently
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