Earlier this week, Theme Review Team at WordPress.org made an important announcement about Theme Customizer. Theme authors are now required to use Theme Customizer for all theme options. References: This is excellent for users, whether it’s a beginner or an expert, none of them will need to search for theme settings/options. Having it placed in customizer will make it much easier to get started. For developers, they will be able to make most out of the WordPress core, we will see new options and extensions for theme customizer soon. Above all, this will make it easier for theme reviewers to follow a standard pattern. With varied range of theme options that were being used earlier, it was little difficult to check for data sanitization and validation. But, with standardization of customizer, it will be much easier. Theme customizer’s settings and validation check have already been added to Theme Check plugin. At IdeaBox Themes, we have been using Theme Customizer from the first day and there was a problem that I found while building the themes. To use the Live Preview feature, we need to use 'type' => 'theme_mod' and then bind it with the customizer js. Now, the problem is theme_mod
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