To start, this post is meant for new website owners and WordPress users. Those of us who have spent years learning WordPress know how hard it can be at the beginning, and it all starts with the basics; if you have any advice that you wish you had known when you were learning, share it in the comments! Whether you’re a photographer or a business, WordPress is the perfect platform for any type of project. You can use it to maintain a business website or a blog. The best part of WordPress is that there are two versions you can choose from: a fully hosted version or a self-hosted version. One of the top WordPress questions out there is, “What version should I use? or” To answer this question, one must ask themselves the following: Are you new to owning a website? Do you want to be more involved with your site beyond just publishing content? Maintaining a website, as well as publishing content, can be a hobby for some folks, but if you are not interested in learning any kind of code or knowing what should be updated to maintain a website, a service like is perfect for you. handles everything from site updates, hosting, and even domain
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