This post is for the theme designers amongst us – it’s always good to build up a “tool kit” of resources that you can use when mocking up your themes and creating the theme demos as good content in your theme demo will really help sell your WordPress theme. You have to be a little careful about licensing issues when distributing themes, especially if they are for release on the WordPress directory as any images you use must be GPL compliant. If you choose to use Creative Commons licensed images, they must be under the universal CC0 version. Just recently Flickr announced the ability to choose public domain images in their advanced search results so that is a good starting point, we have listed more sites below that provide photos free for use which are compatible with the GPL. I have also listed a number of tools and apps which will help you when designing the theme and also some tools which will help you when coding your theme. Make sure you Bookmark this post and share it with others and enjoy making your design projects a little easier! ISORepublic Created by a friend of mine Tom Eversley, ISORepublic features his own photography which you are free to use in your WordPress themes.
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